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We have experience from a wide range of different industries:

  • Chemical industry - Petrochemical, biochemical and pharmaceutical
  • Metal industry - Aluminum and can manufacturing 
  • Building industry - Brickworks and mineral wool
  • Plastic industry - Manufacturing of ABS, PET, EPS, PMMA and fiberglass
  • Surface treatment - Paint booth and coil coating
  • Printing and Packaging - Flexographic, rotogravure, laminating and textile printing
  • Food industry - Coffee roasting, onion and yeast 
  • Feed industry - Fishmeal, animal rendering and vegetable protein
  • Sustainable energy - Biogas and bioethanol
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Daka SecAnim

Sustainable recycling of dead animals and animal by-products

Daka SecAnim A/S is part of the Daka Denmark A/S, an international producer of  ingredients for use in animal feed, fertilizer, sustainable energy and biodiesel. Daka Denmark A/S is part of the international SARIA group.

Organic waste products are used as a resource, Daka SecAnim collects and process on the factory in Randers. The waste products are recycled for fertilizer and energy production..

This process creates exhaust gasses with some odor causing compounds. The exhaust gases with highest load of impurities are treated in a regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO).

Reecon A/S has provided an installation including a scrubber and an RTO reducing the odor with more than 99 %. 

Reecon Zeolit 2

Cast acrylic sheets in many colors and sizes

Altuglas International Denmark A/S is a part of the international company TRINSEO, a manufacturer of a broad range of plastics.

The factory in Brønderslev provides sheets of PMMA, a completely recyclable, environmentally friendly plastic. The material is an alternative to glass, and are available in some 200 colors.

The production process releases low concentration of VOC's. However higher than the local legislation.

Reecon A/S has provided a solution with an RTO combined with a concentrator unit.


The first straw-based bioethanol plant in the world

Inbicon A/S, a subsidiary of Danish power producer ØRSTED, has constructed a demonstration plant in Kalundborg, Denmark, to produce second generation bioethanol. This plant is the first of its kind in the world, and it is capable of extracting ethanol from straw or other biologic by-products. This means that they will not use potential food resources, and in addition to ethanol the plant will also produce animal feed.

As part of this demonstration plant Reecon delivered a sophisticated air purification system to reduce the concentration of organic hydrocarbons and odour substances. The plant processes the humid and solvent loaded air from the production process to ensure no negative impact on the ambient environment.

Reecon built this plant under a turnkey contract


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